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Reasons to use Virtual Reality at your next event

Virtual Reality is next big thing. Whether it is a corporate event or a promotional party, there are many businesses in Bangkok that have begun to rely heavily on virtual reality systems and headsets to promote their products and services. We can see a rising trend that indicates an increase in the use of VR headset and leading consultancies in Bangkok are getting equipped as we speak to meet future demands.

Just as last year, virtual reality adoption this year too is looking lucrative. It is very much on the rise and there is even more speculation as to how it would affect the industry. It is however fair to say that ever since its conception, VR rental and services have seen a massive boon and have practically overtaken many aspects of mainstream business. Following are the ways virtual reality is altering our business world and our way of perceiving things.

  • Virtual Events

So you didn’t have the chance to be at the exact venue and now you regret not booking the tickets well in advance. A lot of VR enthusiasts are always looking forward to witnessing sporting events like the Rio Olympics or live music concerts and performances via these headsets. Virtual Reality Gearbox and rentals enable a remote user or spectator to see and experience the event as if they were there at the premises themselves, and at times even closer to the action than anyone can ever be.

  • Social Media and VR

We have seen how social media has grown over the years and it has very much being used by audiences to view live streamed events. Social media sites such as Twitter and apps such as Snapchat give control back to the user. They can access such events through these platforms and this could prove hugely beneficial for corporate houses in Bangkok. The industry is brimming with new and old players alike who advocate the use of VR. Soon the business world as we know it is going to change and we are going to see this change through our very own VR glasses.