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Bespoke VR Content

We use the DJI Mavic Pro drone consistently rated as best top prosumer flying camera for stabilized shoots both inside and outside.This is paired with a 24 Megapixel 360° video camera. Until recently this was only possible using huge drones capable of carrying heavy camera attachments. We use the latest technology to offer the same high quality footage at much more competitive price point.
Virtual Reality video via a mobile phone such as the Samsung Gear is now more affordable than ever and the uptake in Thailand is growing exponentially. Although this system is simplified and doesn’t track your head or hand position in 3D space, it’s perfect for offering 360° virtual reality tours of your business.
Whether it’s just to showcase your offices, fly around a grand ball-room, golf course, rooftop bar or your hotel it’s an incredibly effective way to give potential customers a way to experience your facilities first-person, via your website, wherever they’re based. Integrating this with your website is incredibly simple and as VR becomes ubiquitous, there’s no better way to market your business.
Custom built 3D interactive worlds built in Unity
We currently partner with a some of the world’s best VR app and game development studios and can help you build whatever you need. Whether it be an arcade game based around brand or a training simulator for your new employees on a high-tech manufacturing line. For more information please email [email protected]