May 12, 2020

VR for Enterprise

Virtual Reality (VR) is changing the way we experience digital content. The most important aspect of this technology is presence: it feels like you are really there, in that situation. The best applications for this include: VR Marketing. Immerse your customers in your story at and expos. It’s not a new concept but only recently has the technology become both capable and affordable enough for it to be useful to businesses and we’ve seen many Fortune 1000 companies now taking this opportunity seriously. Gartner publishes an overview of the strategic technology trends every year, based on their Hype Cycle Model. We’ve already seen this happen, delivering large successful VR marketing projects for multinationals such as GSK and Aviagen. How to get started? Think of some business […]
May 14, 2020

Aviagen VR Seminar

Aviagen provides poultry breeding stock to customers around the world. Their farms meet the most rigorous standards of cleanliness, safety and bird welfare. Part of this is strict adherence to biosecurity protocol which means it’s neither practical or desirable to organize customer visits on-site.  Aviagen came to us with a brief for incorporating Virtual Reality into their training academy as a way for customers at seminars to tour the facilities and farms using a synchronized VR presentation. This is an ongoing project which VR has become an integral part of their customer seminars in Bangkok and across South East Asia. At short notice we were able to provide a reliable, synchronized platform with Oculus Go headsets for 70 attendees. With our team of VR staff and […]