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Corporate Events


We deliver cutting edge Virtual Reality - total immersion, customized to your needs. Whether you are just looking to associate your brand with a technology of the future or you have specific requirements for your VR experience get in touch for a consultation on how we can make Virtual Reality work for you at your next event or expo.
We’ve delivered a huge variety of setups to blue-chip multinationals at exhibition halls such as the Impact Convention Centre and Queen Sirikit Centre, but also smaller functions at hotels such as the The Peninsula and Marquis Marriot. In fact as long as you have 3m x 3m space we can install our systems almost anywhere. Whether it’s for a gala dinner, corporate marketing event, or a major exhibition stand, we can help advise you on what might be the most suitable setup for you.
Price depends on which combination of systems and support you require. Give us a call for further details.

Recent Clients


Motorsport Simulation

One of our most popular systems is the top-of-the-line human racing seat with professional racing grade steering wheel wheel, pedals and gear box, combined with our VR systems. It’s essentially the same system used to train professional formula 1 drivers.
Also, this can be combined with any number of games, including formula 1 simulators, big truck simulations, rallying arcade games etc. These can also be linked together for highly competitive multiplayer fun.
Get in touch to find out which simulations and games we recommend with this setup or for multiplayer options.