VR Tours: The secret weapon for marketing in a post COVID world




Let’s face it. There’s no one to market to right now. Thailand’s borders are still closed, meaning typically thriving hotels, shops, and restaurants are struggling to stay afloat. Schools are emptying as parents opt to educate their children online at home. Real estate is on hold in light of the looming recession. Consumer behaviour is changing in increasingly concrete ways.

Luckily, with the virus under control in Thailand, location based businesses have a running start in creating new relationships with their customers in this post COVID world.

COVID has changed consumer behaviours dramatically.




How have consumers changed post COVID? 


  • Seeing is believing: Customers are more skittish than ever and expect to see a virtual tour before committing to buying. In a study by TIG Global and Omni Hotels, two thirds of participants want a virtual tour when looking at a listing, and a virtual tour on a hotel website increases bookings and look-to-book conversion rates by as much as 16% – 67%. 



  • Millennial consumers are ready to spend: After months of being locked down, customers are playing it cautious, but many who’ve been working from home are ready to get out and start enjoying themselves again. Pre-booking campaigns coupled with a virtual tour can help double interest in business listings, strengthen brand reputation, and build trust. 18 – 34 year old prospects are 130% more likely to book a hotel or use a service based on a virtual tour. 


  • 360 images help with SEO: Google favors virtual images with a 2:1 preference for thumbnail display on Google. In other words, when a business has a virtual tour tied to their Google My Business listing, Google will display those 360 thumbnails over traditional photography. Virtual tours also lead to 16% growth and 12% increase in engagement in Google Search and Maps appearances.


Traffic has already come back. So will your visitors if you can keep them engaged.

Many location based businesses end up seeing ROI from virtual tours in less than four weeks. Businesses in Thailand are in the perfect position to start setting up these systems to maximise their customer engagement as soon as possible.

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